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Spey's Stupid Podcast

Oct 26, 2019

Mark Bader sits down with Spey over beverages to have a long conversation about his over 10 years of working at FloSports. Mark is the longest continuously tenured employee in the content department. That gets discussed, and much much more, in a fun conversation with pals!

Show Rundown:

0:00:00 - Welcome to another...

Oct 17, 2019

Michael Sears, the cool and chill guy of jiu-jitsu, has an extended conversation with Spey about his life in the sport of grappling, and how he became one of the newest team members at FloSports. What a fun time with pals!

Show Run Down

0:01:54 - It’s Who’s Number One weekend (when the recording happens).

0:04:50 -...

Oct 3, 2019

Football guy but also all-around awesome doad Kolby Paxton sits down for a chat about high school football, college football, pro football, wrestlers who also played football, and much, much more! What a fun time with pals it was. 

Show Rundown

0:01:47 - I’ve still got P-Salad on my dome, but no longer a word...