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Spey's Stupid Podcast

Aug 24, 2019

A delightful conversation with wrestling factotum Justin Hoch, who is in town for the Final X Special Wrestle Off: Dake vs Dieringer. A fun time was had by all.

Show rundown:

0:00:30 - It's 5 o'clock exactly where we are.

0:03:12 - It is very hot out and I have been very badly burned.

0:04:55 - A had a good week on the pong table, except for the whole ripping my shorts thing.

0:07:30 - Plain And Simple End Of Story: not every wrestling event will sell out just because it takes place in a wrestling hot bed.

0:11:12 - Have You Seen This One? Tremendous Turkish ice cream guys.

0:13:20 - A Question Of Vital Importance: Pick your fantasy FRL team.

0:16:55 - Please welcome Justin Hoch to the stupid podcast!

0:30:24 - We breakdown the main event in Round Rock: Dake v Ringer.

0:34:00 - A digression on cameras and photography.

0:39:10 - Talkin chow in Budapest at the World Championships. Aubergine anyone?

0:41:00 - What brings Justin Hoch joy? Wrestling, photography, Binghamton, New York City, acting and more!

0:44:37 - Justin formative years in Wyoming.

0:45:50 - Justin becomes an upstate New York guy and 'becomes a wrestler'.

0:50:30 - Justin gets involved with the Binghamton community.

0:52:25 - Justin catches the acting bug and moves to the city.

0:58:10 - Billy Baldwin, good dude!

1:04:00 - Bill Bryson book club.

1:06:20 - The Fire Inside! Justin explains his incredibly rad photography project.

1:09:54 - Justin explains 'grant writing', which is something he did while working at Beat the Streets NYC.

1:14:57 - More about The Fire Inside.

1:16:28 - How does one plan for an event like Beat the Streets Rumble on the Rails in 2013?

1:18:30 - Iranians are the best.

1:21:10 - Even more on The Fire Inside (we've taken some digressions, so what?)

1:30:56 - The outro.

1:33:19 - Ferrari & Gallagher play us out with a cut off their new album.